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Radar is an abbreviation of Radio Detection And Ranging.
TIONE is a company specialized in Radar solution. We have total solution from FMCW, CW
Doppler Radar related chip and module to SW application and HW development support.
We are striving for industrial growth and popularization.
1. RADAR system
Various radars (CW, FMCW, Doppler ) can be applied to customer's application such as speed, object detection, distance detection, angle, etc.
Depending on the product, various outputs such as RS232, RS485 or CAN and GUI and interlock SW are provided for easier use.
It is possible to develop customized products to suit the application you want to use.

2. RADAR sensor
Sensors or chips to configure the system by customer.
Lineup of various frequency bands with low power consumption. Sensor type products can also support HW and SW technology.

    3. RADAR Application Development
Customized programming interface or GUI for your application
Antenna design for Radar system application
Algorithm Development
Development of OEM finished or semi-finished products
Production and sales of EVA for radar development

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